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Alcohol tester with light


Model Number:



Carton Size:

- Outer (39*36.5*37CM-A=B-60PCS/Carton)


Product Introduction:

This product is a alcohol tester designed for iPhone4/4S/iPad/iPod, it's small, exquisite and delicate design, it is so easy  to carry.

- Adopting new gas detection  technology , which  can detecting the more actual alcohol content of gas    
- LCD digital display and colour backlight screen can make detection more ocular &more efficient
- With unique detector ,which can effectively identify cigarettes, coke,coffe smells and prevent non alcohol gas to interfere the detecting result.
- With voice alarm function,when alcohol content is excess,the buzzer will alarm automatically alert
- It powered by iPhone4/4S, just connect it to iPhone4/4Sfor use. 
- No need to use blowpipe, just blow into air hole, this way is healthy and clean. 

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