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Our factory is located at a new developing zone in Baoan district, Shenzhen. We have a long history of cooperation with various major brand name enterprises all over the world such as Wal-Mart, Toys “R”Us and Philips. We offer OEM/ ODM services to meet different customer needs.

Major markets served

*Eastern Europe
*North America                                           
*Western Europe

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Quality Control

Departments involved / Quality Control Department:
In charge of inspecting and controlling the quality of original material, manufacture and shipment.
*Manufacture Engineering Department:
Solve problem of engineering report.
*R&D Department:
Support the engineering report.

Procedures/Testing details

*Inspect all the original materials by advanced machines before use.
*Carry out checking and artificial aging before moving forward to next manufacture step.
*Recheck the products before shipment in order to keep our customers confidence in us.
*We have approximate 1,500 production    staffs, 70 QC staffs, and 50 R&D staffs.
*Number of production lines: 16
*Factory size: 16,000m square / 172,000ftsquare
*OEM Experience: 12 years
*100% of material/components are imported.

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Machinery/ Production process

*Circumfluence solders apparatus
*Super-high wave welding apparatus
*Audio/ video analytical apparatus
*Voltage meters
*RoHS tester
We receive many OEM and ODM orders worldwide. We are capable of fulfilling detailed technical specifications and completing big orders within tight lead time with excellent quality. We offer design services, including new modes, products and logo design.

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Research and development

-Oscillograph, Steady Power, CAD, Spectrum Analyzer, Oscilloscopes, IC development Plates, Tooling room, Net-room, computer software including Auto Cad, Pro-E, Photoshop, Illustrator.

-We develop about 8 new products every year and a new product is developed by our professional R&D staff within 3 months in general.
-Gather information from marketing department and old customers.
-Draw mock-up picture for customers.
-Produce 3D/2D drawing and start tooling after design have been approved.
-Prepare samples and test their function for customer.
-Trial production and collect all technical data for mass production.




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HONG KONG OFFICE: Unit 10A, 12/F, Tower 2, China HK City, 33 Canton Road, T.S.T, Hong Kong China






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